BLASTphp: a PHP wrapper for NCBI BLAST API

T. Ashok Kumar


NCBI BLAST is a most popular bioinformatics framework for finding local similarity between two or more biological sequences. It provides integrative access to various biological databases through web user interface, command-line user interface, and application programming interface. BLASTphp is a lightweight PHP library that wrap’s NCBI BLAST’s RESTful API into a custom graphical user interface BLAST. The BLASTphp program remotely executes the NCBI BLAST through the HTTP/HTTPS interface and elicits the response in HTML, XML, XML2, JSON2, Text, or Tabular (plain) format. However, it can be easily connected to a webserver and integrated with any SQL database which contain the biological sequences. BLASTphp is freely available under GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3), at


PHP BLAST; BLAST RESTful API; Remote BLAST; Sequence Alignment; BLAST PHP Library

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