Action Potential Blocking and Directional Firing by Electrical Field Induction, Modeling and Discussion

Pourya Behmandpoor, Ali Abdolali, Soheil Hashemi


Many invasive and non-invasive methods have been proposed to excite a neuron in the nerves system. For non-invasive methods like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) there is few investigation on the shape and property of the induced electrical field and its interaction with a neuron to directionally fire or block an action potential. In this article, E-fields are generated by two capacitive plates as a source. E-fields are modified in MATLAB and induced on a pyramidal neuron to study the effect of E-field on a neuron. A method is proposed to block action potential (AP) or fire and direct it into the desired direction by a non-invasive method. Blocking AP can be useful for pain reduction or anesthesia in a desired region of the body. A full modeling investigation on required form of E-field, Hyper-polarization and depolarization values in membrane potential and induction time to directionally fire or block AP have been discussed for various dendrite diameters and channel densities in one-dimensional and two-dimensional pyramidal neurons.


Neuron excitation;Pyramidal neuron;AP blocking;Extracellular excitation;Nondestructive

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