Vol 4, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents

Editorial Letter

Editorial Foreword PDF
Editorial Office Int. Jour. Comp. Bio. 1-2

Research Articles

Weighted Alignment Free Dissimilarity Metric for Promoter Sequence Comparison PDF
Kouser DT, Lalitha Rangarajan 13-20
Insilico Proteome Screening to Identify Prospective Drug Targets in Bacillus anthracis PDF
Chaitanya Krishna Amajala, Iska Bhaskar Reddy, Kunal Zaveri 21-30
Molecular dynamics and Conformational flexibility in Heat Shock Protein 60.2 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis PDF
Gollapalli Pavan, Manjunatha Hanumanthappa 31-45
DEN: an R-Bioconductor based package to extract active sub-networks from human interaction map by integrating gene-expression data PDF
Sanket Shashikant Desai 46-52

Short Communication

Alteration of Splicing Pattern on Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Gene Due To The Insertion of Alu elements PDF
Dian Laila Purwaningroom1 Purwaningroom, Mohammad Saifurrohman, Nashi Widodo, Jayarani Fatimah Putri, Mifetika Lukitasari 53-58


Comparative Study of Homology Based Structure Prediction and Structure Validation Tools on Some Proteins from the bhlh family. PDF
Tanvee Ajit Pardeshi, Akhil Jobby, Sameer Chaudhary 59-67