DEN: an R-Bioconductor based package to extract active sub-networks from human interaction map by integrating gene-expression data

Sanket Shashikant Desai


Living cells are complex, dynamic, self-regulatory, interactive systems, showing differential states across time and space. Complexity of cellular systems is highlighted with the multi-layered regulatory mechanisms involving the interactions between bio-molecules (such as DNA, RNA, mi-RNA and proteins). These interactions are analyzed in the form of static networks. Likewise, number of experimental techniques like microarray, RNASeq allow quantification of cellular dynamics and aid in discerning differential gene expression across diverse conditions. Computational biology is in need of methods for integration of static networks and gene expression data, since it provides interesting insights into the dynamics of biological systems. DEN is an R/Bioconductor based package designed to assemble different types of human bio-molecular interactions as a complete interactome and contains functions to extract dynamic active networks by integration of gene expression data.


Active sub-network;Gene expression;Differential networks;R;Bioconductor

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