International Journal for Computational Biology (IJCB)

International Journal for Computational Biology (IJCB) was founded in 2012 under the aegis of Bioclues organization. The core committee members at Bioclues were instrumental in getting ISSN number, launching first issue, promulgating the journal members and funding the open access server management. Later in 2013 IJCB got launched on OJS framework and in 2016, it started operating as an independednt publication unit. Progressively we are becoming truly international, as our reviewing committee, editorial board, and contributing authors spread across the globe. Currently, IJCB functions as a publication hub for research primarily focussed in the broader areas of computational biology, bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, and allied disciplines.  With more than 25 editorial members and article acceptance rate of 20%, IJCB is serving the computational biology/Bioinformatics community and promoting open access policy in general.

International Journal for Computational Biology is an open access, peer reviewed online journal, which considers the following types of original contribution for peer review and publication: 

1)Commentary/ Editorial Letter
2)Research articles, 
3)Review articles, 
4)Short communications and
5)Technological reports on “Database and Web server”

Each issue covers topics, which are of broad readership interest to personals from research organization, academic institute, industry and general readers. Int Jour Comp Bio. is a must read Journal for every one with curiosity in biological sciences and computation.




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Vol 5, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Editorial Letter

Editorial Foreword PDF
Admin Web Portal 1-2

Research Articles

Insilico drug designing and Lead Compound validation against YycG histidine kinase
Shama Najir-Ahemad Mujawar, Priyanka Parhi, Sameer Chaudhary 3-12 (Withdrawn)
Flexibility analysis of Native Pyridoxal Kinase and its complexes with ATP and ADP: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study PDF
Sachin Patodia, Anant Vijay, Subramanyam Swaminathan, Deepak Chopra, Ashima Bagaria 13-20
Development of a New Pipeline for Identification and Characterization of Micro RNAs from Plants PDF
Thomas Jinu, K K Sabu 21-27
Insilico Drug Prediction and Validation of Lead candidates on Plasmodium falciparum Erythrocyte Membrane Protein 1(pfEMP1) against Malaria PDF
Shama Najir-Ahemad Mujawar 28-37
Potential interaction between presenilin and metacaspase on the Mechanism of Programed Cell Death in Leishmania infantum. PDF
Alba Valeria Machado da Silva 38-51


Bourbon: Is it infectious? PDF
Pritam Kumar Panda 52-53


Recent Trends in In-silico Drug Discovery PDF
Sneha Rai, UTKARSH RAJ, Swapnil Tichkule, Himansu Kumar, Sonali Mishra, Neeti Sharma, Richa Buddham, Dhwani Raghav, Pritish Kumar Varadwaj 54-76
Nonparametric statistical test approaches in genetics data PDF
RAKESH Kumar Saroj, Dr.K.H.H.V.S.S. Narsimha Murthy, Mukesh Kumar 77-87
Exploring the pre-erythrocytic stage of the malaria parasite for possible target proteins to develop an effective vaccine and looking into available preventive measures against malaria:Can SPECT & SPECT2 act as potential targets for an effective vaccine? PDF
Manas Sanjay Joshi, Shama Najir-Ahmed Mujawar 88-94

ISSN: 2278-8115