International Journal for Computational Biology (IJCB)

International Journal for Computational Biology (IJCB) was founded in 2012 under the aegis of Bioclues organization. The core committee members at Bioclues were instrumental in getting ISSN number, launching first issue, promulgating the journal members and funding the open access server management. Later in 2013 IJCB got launched on OJS framework with kind support from Bioinformatics Organization. Progressively we are becoming truly international, as our reviewing committee, editorial board, and contributing authors spread across the globe. Currently, IJCB functions as a publication hub for research primarily focussed in the broader areas of computational biology, bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, and allied disciplines.  With more than 25 editorial members and article acceptance rate of 20%, IJCB is serving the computational biology/Bioinformatics community and promoting open access policy in general.

International Journal for Computational Biology is an open access, peer reviewed online journal, which considers the following types of original contribution for peer review and publication: 

1)Commentary/ Editorial Letter
2)Research articles, 
3)Review articles, 
4)Short communications and
5)Technological reports on “Database and Web server”

Each issue covers topics, which are of broad readership interest to personals from research organization, academic institute, industry and general readers. Int Jour Comp Bio. is a must read Journal for every one with curiosity in biological sciences and computation.


Vol 3, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Editorial Letter

Guest Editorial: Computational Biology PDF
Pushpendra K Gupta 1-2

Research Articles

Molecular docking studies towards development of novel Gly-Phe analogs for potential inhibition of Cathepsin C (dipeptidyl peptidase I) PDF
Umesh Kalathiya, M. Padariya, M. Jewginski, M. Baginski 3-26
A Mathematical Model of Central Dogma of Molecular Biology employing a Novel Irrational-Integral-Imaginary (i3) Encoding and Numerical Approximation based on Cellular Automaton PDF
Praharshit Sharma, Bhupendra Kumar Pathak, Tiratha Raj Singh 27-30
Computer-aided design of Organophosphorus inhibitors of Urease PDF
M. Padariya, Umesh Kalathiya, L. Berlicki, M. Baginski 31-38


Evolutionary Perspective of Fungal Pathogenic Genes PDF
Vinod Cingeetham, Srinivas Bandaru, Sujata Dhar, Ranganath Gudimella, Sivaramaiah Nallapeta, Krishna Mohan Medicherla 39-42

Database and Web server

Plant Genomic Databases for Oilseeds Crop Improvement PDF
Subhasisa Bal, Kallamadi Prathap Reddy 43-47

ISSN: 2278-8115